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Dalhia M.


Suffering from pain for over 25 years has put my life down until I met my life saving aronia Juice and powder that has changed me completely. I use only 50 ml of the organic aronia juice and 1 tablespoon of aronia powder in my food every day for the last 5 weeks and my aches and pains are gone for good. No more nasty pain killers and finally my stomach is feeling normal again. Thank you Aronia For Life!!!



I have a stepfather that has a paakecmer. Although in top health and having it for more than a year and a half. I was wondering if i can take out a term or life plan for him??



I bought the aronia 2 months ago at my local Healthy Life store and have been hooked on ever since I have enormous amounts of energy and have seen an improvement in my blood sugar levels



I've tried so many things to try and reduce my cholesterol but nothing really worked. I've been on the Aronia Juice for 3.5 months now and have finally seen some results. Before my cholesterol wouldn't go lower that 6.8, now it's at a healthy 4.1 which I'm so happy about and I've been raving about it to all my friends!



My digestive issues have finally been resolved ! I've been on the Bio Organic Aronia Juice for the past month and I can safely say that my IBS is no longer an issue! My wife has also tried it in the last couple of weeks and also says she's been feeling great and has lots of energy !

Jennifer K


It's been 2 months since I started on the Aronia juice and I can definably say that my blood sugar levels have stabilized ! My BSL was 8.5 but I refused to go on any medication and now with a balanced diet and consuming the Aronia 50ml morning and night I have reduced my BSL down to 4.8 which I'm so happy about. I'll be staying on it and will definably tell all my friends about how amazing it really is!



Bio Organic Aronia Juice is amazing ! Within 6 weeks my allergies have cleared! Thank you, I highly reccomend it to all my family and friends!



I've been using the Aronia Juice for the past 2 months and I feel fantastic, I have increased energy and feel as though my health has improved significantly!



I was diagnosed with diabetes. A friend of mine encouraged me to try this juice to solve my problems. Of course like many others I was skeptical of how Aronia juice could eliminate this disease. My blood glucode level was 12 and the other problems were frequent urination, constant hunger and constant thirst. After about ten weeks and a loss of twenty pounds, my blood sugar levels are now 5.5. I watch my blood sugar once a day and watch the food intake closely, and still have not taken any medication.

Ron, Maryland


For years I have had pains in my knees and in one hip when I walked or ran and my knees hurt when I walked after getting up out of a chair. Also I had a gout problem. After drinking Aronia juice for about three months these pains were completely gone.



This juice is a miracle!